Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Small Updates

I've refilled the eBay store which turned out to be good timing - today's a "10 cent listing day" basically a sale to list items. They do it when their earnings are a bit flat and need perking up (they still charge the same fees for whatever sells which can be the real killer). It's a good thing in terms of the store having more inventory because auctions tend to drive traffic to stores, which don't show up in normal search results.

On the minus side, everybody's going to use today to unload whatever cheap junk they couldn't unload at the usual prices so you can get lost in the shuffle, too.

So if you're looking for a deal, or if you aren't a regular and are just more comfortable the first time buying within eBay instead of direct... you win either way.

Selling on eBay really has its pros and cons. It's a great way to meet new customers you otherwise couldn't reach, and since I have a lot of repeat customers who just order direct after the first time (it's not like I'm hard to find online once you know I exist) the fees don't bother me too much. But for a lot of people - mostly people who don't use it - it just seems too tacky for words. Which is silly, because you can get multi thousand dollar Ansel Adams prints there and I know a bunch of really excellent photographers who sell there at least occasionally. Don't get me wrong, there are people selling junk there too, but you can find cool stuff if you poke around a bit. I've purchased art there myself (including some very cool cyanotypes).

In other news, I should have a set up pretty soon (that's photographer talk for within the next week, but it could be this evening, who knows) and then that's it until early June. I'll still be manning the store, I just won't be doing any new shoots unless something too good to pass up should come along. (In other words, if you're a model who's on vacation in San Francisco in late May, write to me anyway, maybe I can squeeze you in somehow).


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