Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Small Updates

I'm on "T" for "Tawny" right now on the eBay "Model A-Z". It's been kind of fun and on the way I discovered some holes in my inventory (so if I skipped anybody, that's why, I sold all their pictures already and didn't order new ones, oops).

I am scheduling maternity shoots at a surprising rate. Considering that this page is all I've done to promote it that's pretty cool. You can tell there's a market for some different approaches to maternity photography but I'm not sure if I'll keep it as a sideline or really try to promote it.

I shot a wedding... sort of... I was asked to step in and help a friend out and just take a few basic combinations (bridal party, family, bride and groom) since their photographer was suddenly ill or somesuch. It wasn't that much trouble and it's always nice to help people but I can see why people hate shooting weddings. You only have one chance to get it right, and there's a lot of herding people around. I'm glad I had the experience in kind of a watered-down form and have no urge to do the full thing!

I'm just about done editing a very cool set where we went on a bit of a pinup tangent. Hey, it's fun.

I have three more model shoots (in addition to some portrait work) scheduled before I stop shooting for the rest of the month but of course I never believe the shoot's really going to happen until it's over. So basically over the course of May there will be anywhere from one to four new shoots posted.

The new book, Simplicity, has arrived at various customers and they have all said nice things. That's always a bit of a relief!


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