Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Model: Lisa

Well, Lisa showed up the other day with some cute outfits and some unusual props and asked me to shoot her in them as part of the set. I usually don't like shooting with clothing - the clothed shoots you see on my website were usually favors for friends - but the one exception is I like shooting pinups now and again so what the heck. So it's kind of a mixed set with some stuff in my usual lighting, plus the pinup stuff, plus I've been experimenting with the dramatic lighting on the floor you see midway through the set. It's a bit quirky but most people who follow my work realize quickly that although much of my work is quite traditional/classic I'm not afraid to get quirky.

The shoes, well, I think they're super fantastic.

Update: There's a 16x20 of Calico on eBay that ends tomorrow and is going for shockingly little. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned because most of the bidding happens in the last day... but this item hasn't even received that much traffic. It's a cool picture but the thumbnail doesn't look like much and people just aren't clicking on it. Anyway, if you want a deal on a big print, now's your chance!


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