Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More little updates

I received a big shipment of prints today which included a bunch of prints on metallic paper. I'm not going to list them at auction - I just put them into my store at eBay. The metallic paper is a bit of a hard sale because it costs more and if you haven't seen it you won't know why it's cool. But if you want to check it out, the pictures of Calico or Elanora are especially cool - the red/oranges just pop, it's great.

I also want to point out I've had a link over on the right called Hot eBay Items for a while now. It's from a company that does auction tracking. Some of the information is a little dubious (the number of watchers is always way off what eBay says) but it's interesting to see what people click on and what they don't. Note that it only tracks auction items, not store items. Also note that the "mature items" show up which is useful because a) eBay's interface to getting to them is flaky, and b) they don't show up at all in store views. They usually don't get that much traffic but sometimes I'll list an explicit shot or two there just to see what happens. I listed a few because of the 10 cent listing day.


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