Monday, April 24, 2006

Small Updates

I put a 16x20 of Calico up for bid on eBay to start things off. Usual deal, started it at a penny. I'll keep listing 16x20s as long as the prices don't get too embarrassing because it does attract a lot of new traffic. Recent ones have gone from around $60 to over $100 - in most cases quite a deal since a print that large doesn't appeal to everybody and the auction format tends to reflect that in its pricing. I'll list at least some 8x10s of her and Roux starting around mid-week when they arrive from the lab. I'm on "L" on the Model A-Z but I don't think anybody will care much if I slip a few newer pictures in the lineup.

I have some potentially wonderful shoots scheduled over the next two weeks but it's always hard to predict how many of these things will work out as planned.

I intend to not shoot much past the first week of May for personal reasons (might do one or two if something too good to miss happens) but I'll pick up again in June. With luck I'll do quite a bit of outdoor work - June's usually a bit cold in this area but it's usually not that wet (rains once most years). This year, however, I'm not too confident of that!

Update: Apparently there was some kind of freak accident at my hosting company, Lunarpages, and one floor of their building lost power. They have backup systems (they were the only hosting company in LA that survived the big power outages in September) but since it was just the one floor they didn't cut in, oops. So my site, including eBay images, was up and down for a good part of today. It sounds like there might be some additional downtime this evening as they finish some repairs (I think right now the server's running off of a really long extension cord). On their forums everybody's furious which I think is wonderful - apparently they're all so spoiled that even an hour or two of downtime is a shock. At my old hosting company if it was under a few hours everybody was just kind of used to it.

Still, it's like a restuarant, "You're only as good as your last meal." Customers have shockingly short memories and one bad day is all it takes sometimes. It's good for all of us who have a business to remember that.


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