Saturday, April 01, 2006


A little FAQ since I mentioned my attempts to shave with a straight razor.

Q: Why?
A: Lots of reasons but primarily it just bugs the heck of me not to know how.

Q: What kind?
A: It's actually a weird modern Japanese one with changeable blades so I don't have to learn to sharpen one at the same time, and it's a cheaper way to get started and see if I like it. If I get to the point where I actually go through a 10-pack of blades I'll consider getting a more traditional one.

Q: Where did you get it?

Q: Do you use a badger brush and shaving soap and stuff like that?
A: I already was. Works way better than shaving cream even with a regular razor.

Q: How's it going?
A: I can shave everything above the jawline with maybe one or two really minor nicks. Everything's falling apart around the neck - I just need to go slower and get the angles right.

Q: Do you recommend it?
A: If you were motivated enough to actually do something like this you wouldn't be asking that question.

Q: Isn't this blog about shooting beautiful naked women?
A: People keep complaining I don't reveal anything about me. If you just want model updates learn to use the model update only RSS feed.


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