Monday, April 10, 2006

Models A to Z

A side note first... the 16x20 of Sarah is ending shortly and the bidding's just starting for real. It's always a bit weird the first few days - it will get bid up to $10 a quarter at a time and kind of sit there. All the real action always happens at the end, but it's nice going into it with a few bids and bidders instead of just starting it at $10 in the first place.

Anyway, I'm going to start a "Models A to Z" thing. I'll list "3ish" pictures of each model, in more-or-less alphabetical order, starting with Audrey and ending with Yuli. Everything will be from inventory and I might not even have 3 pictures of some models (usually means the rest sold and I haven't reordered). It's kind of fun and a good way to make sure I list some pictures from models that I don't always list. I'll probably finish that process before rebuilding the store, so for the foreseeable future what you see is what you get. (I think this will take around a month!)


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