Monday, April 03, 2006

Book Pre-Orders

The fine folks at Lulu have told me that they have printed up some copies of my new book, Simplicity, and they're zipping my way as fast as... well, media mail 4th class actually. But they'll get here eventually so I've decided to open things up for pre-orders. To pre-order in the US just go to my books page and use the shopping cart system. You'll pay with PayPal or if you don't have an account I think it will let you just enter a credit card directly. (I don't get your credit card info in any case).

I expect that these will be in-hand in a week or two but no guarantees - especially if I underestimated how many copies I need and have to order some more (doesn't seem likely!). As your reward for pre-ordering I'll include an 8x10 print. I get to choose which one - it will be probably be something quirky that I thought might sell on eBay but didn't!

Note that other than the blog and the books page I'm not doing anything on the rest of the site to show the new book even exists so this is intended as a kind of cool thing for people who read this (or who get lucky and check out the books page). I'll splash around some information on the rest of the site when I have copies in-hand.

I also went ahead and enabled orders on Lulu. There are pros and cons - they charge more for shipping unless you spend some amount and you too can use the free last class media mail. But you can pick up my older book at the same time and qualify, yay. The old book is even a little cheaper on Lulu (because it's not signed and you have to wait for them to print a copy - prices weren't really standardized on the old book - the new one will be the same price everywhere). So the scenario where this makes sense if if a) you want to buy through a company and not direct and/or b) you want both books and are willing to save a couple of bucks and don't care about the signature.

Once I have handled the pre-orders and have copies left over I'll put some on eBay - and post here when I do that of course.

Simplicity will also show up on Amazon eventually, but again as a marketplace item so no free shipping. I'll post the pros-and cons on that when the time comes but frankly it's more in the hope somebody will stumble over it and so reviews will have somebody to link to that's better known than Lulu (and usually these guys have a deal so they get a small kickback). Readers of this blog will be better served using one of the other options.


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