Sunday, March 12, 2006


Another FAQ item - people sometimes ask what a title of a photo is, or why I apparently don't title my work. I very rarely title my work. There's two reasons - one practical and one philosophical.

The practical reason is that since I share a relatively large number of pictures from each shoot it would get overwhelming very quickly. But still, I could do something like title every image in a book.

Which brings us to the real reason - the philosophical one. One thing I enjoy about sharing my art with the world is that I find it very interesting what people get out of it. People project all kinds of meaning into the shots that comes out of their unique worldview and experiences. And I feel like if I title a work that I'm polluting that process. I'm injecting an external piece of information that artificially influences the viewer as to the meaning of the work. And I enjoy the process of getting reactions from viewers too much to give that up.


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