Sunday, March 12, 2006

Shooting Update

I had a wonderful shoot the other day with Fierce and Eris, a friend of hers. It was a really fun shoot - Fierce set up the whole thing so I wasn't sure what to expect but Eris was just great. Whew!

I'm not totally certain how I'm going to split up the shots since I shot for a while with just Eris first - so it will most likely be a "just Eris" set and a "Fierce and Eris" set.

I also did a shoot with Megan who was in town a couple of days from LA. She's very cool (actually most of my models have been) and from what I've seen so far the shots look great.

In the upcoming week I have a series of shoots scheduled but some of them are outdoors and frankly with the weather we've been having (hail!) it's not looking good. Still, I should have a lot of editing to do even with what I've already done!


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