Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good News Bad News

The bad news is... I had somebody cancel for a portrait shoot. This is incredibly disruptive so I'm finally giving in and requiring a deposit like everybody else does.

The good news is... eBay admitted they made a mistake when they killed one of my auctions. A full week after writing them, admittedly, but they did get it right eventually. Good thing I used the special "Powerseller" support or it might have been two weeks. It's good to get these things cleared up because if you get enough strikes they have a variety of penalties including suspending your account. This actually happened to me last year which is how I know! It was only for a couple of days until they realized they made a mistake but in the meantime they sent letters to everybody bidding on my auctions saying I was kicked off eBay. Some of them never did return as customers. Thanks, eBay!

More good news... every time eBay does this I get motivated to make it easier to buy off the website. The suspension lead to the shopping cart system, as an example. The free shipping promotion was because of my annoyance over this latest.


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