Wednesday, March 01, 2006

General Update

First off, the free shipping promotion (see the last entry) just has a couple more days so you may want to take advantage of that while you can.

Other than that... I had an unfortunate road incident resulting in various damage. Cracked ribs type stuff. So I'm taking it really easy this week. Some of this is going to take a while to be 100% but I think I'll be past the worst of it by then.

Past that, over the next couple of weeks I have three model shoots and one portrait shoot scheduled but as anybody who follows this knows there's often some last minute tweaks so I'm going to keep the details under wraps for the moment.

One little mini-feature - I've added a little entry over on the side for what I'm reading. It's actually kind of hard to find a good position to read in without pain for any length of time so I've been checking out podcasts and other things. So it might sit on the same book for a little while but I will keep it updated.


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