Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Couple of plugs

Today was blood donation day and I thought I might as well mention here a nice way to do it. If you're like me you gave in college, and maybe once or twice at an employer, but basically while you would do it if it was easy you wouldn't go out of your way. Well, thanks to the Internet it's really easy. The Red Cross does it at a regional level so it may not be identical everywhere but in Northern California it's - other regions have very similar websites though, just enter your zip code at the Red Cross site and they'll get you to the right place.

Anyway, all you do is log in and it shows everybody nearby who has a public donation drive. Find someplace convenient and pleasant like, say, the local woman's college, click on a time, and you're set. They'll email you to remind you and everything.

The other plug is for Pelican flashlights. Pelican is known for their cases - if you fly with photo gear or need to store a gun or some electronics you probably know Pelican cases. Well, they make flashlights now. They're super high quality and not nearly as expensive as their competition who tends to price/market their stuff as "tactical" lights which means twice the price tag. The ones I like run on these smallish 3V lithium cells and have an LED bulb - they're super bright, run for an absurdly long time, and the bulbs are super tough. The Pelican M1 runs on a single one of these batteries and it's just incredible - the sort of thing you can stick in your pocket but light up a huge area. If you Google things like "Pelican M1" or "Pelican M3" you'll find people who sell them - they tend to be places like cop supply stores (which are kind of fun to check out anyway). I see Action Lights carries them and so does Cop Quest who are both reputable (I have no connection with any of those companies other than as a customer).


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