Thursday, March 16, 2006

Book Update

There's a few steps in this process that just plain take a while. Mostly they involve the actual process of getting a copy printed and mailed out to you. And with a book of pictures frankly the print technology seems to work better with some images than others. So what I did last time that worked pretty well was to make a draft copy and then revise based on that (adding in new pictures to replace some that didn't work). Thankfully the second generation was fine and I went with that.

This time I did a minor variation was basically to come up with a list of images I liked (roughly two per shoot since the last book was done - 62 images) and assemble the book together (which is mostly a question of dragging the art in order from a folder into a wordprocessing document). I submitted cover art and changed text in the document (using the old one as a template) like the copyright year and title and dedication. I added a little bio at the end since there was some grumbling that there isn't one in the first book.

Then there's kind of a tedious process of uploading everything, getting a .pdf back, checking it, approving it, etc but it's no big deal. But the big point is that started the clock going on getting the thing printed and mailed out to me via last class mail (it will be a couple of weeks).

Once it arrives I'll mark it up with any images I don't like how they came out, delete those, rejuggle as necessary. I'll probably add to the bio (I can get started on that now). Then I do this whole process again with the hope that will be a final OK copy.

At that point I'll go through this process that will give me an ISBN (so it will be in Books In Print and you can buy it via Amazon) and once Amazon picks it up there's some kind of process to submit cover art that I'm a bit vague on.

I'll then order a few copies with the ISBN barcode on the back to sign and list on eBay and sell through the website. Whew!


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