Friday, March 31, 2006

Book notes - mine and others

Mine: I have copies on order for me to sell, and it's in the queue waiting to show up on Amazon (it will be a "marketplace item" so no free shipping) - once that happens I have to upload cover art, I'll talk about that more then. So it's back to waiting... this whole process is very much hurry up and wait.

John Scalzi: I enjoyed Old Man's War very much. It's kind of old-school science fiction in a lot of ways, which is nice, but he's got some modern twists on things. Anyway, I liked it so much that when I got a copy of his newer book The Ghost Brigades (same universe, some overlap in characters, don't have to have read the first one) I started reading it right away. And I actually read it in one sitting. It's that good. And I really don't have time for that sort of thing these days. And then I pretty much immediately turned around and read an earlier book of his, different universe, written basically for fun and it shows but it's a great read - Agent to the Stars. Anyway, click the links, read the reviews, get a decision but I can recommend them without reservations.

Glenn Reynolds: I finally got my copy of An Army of Davids. I've read so many reviews of this I feel like I've read it already but my copy got delayed somehow so it finally just arrived. It's about how technology is empowering masses of "the little people" to beat corporations, govenments, etc. It's been seven years since Brin's The Transparent Society came out and Lord knows that one seems to be coming true so it will be interesting to see Glenn's take on some of the same issues. But I promise not to start it until I've finished editing this last set!


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