Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Book Musings

It's probably about the time to think about another book.

The first book was basically an experiment - it's a slim volume (66 pages) but big enough that the images are roughly 8x10 which is a nice size. It's self published and I sell them off of eBay and direct. I never really promoted it but there's a steady trickle of sales. It's the kind of thing where it's not a big moneymaker but people seem to like it. I was thinking about what I would need to do to promote it more heavily and after some thought I realized I've done enough shoots since then that while I don't quite have enough material for a similar book I will shortly and that probably makes more sense.

I do think keeping it relatively slim makes the most sense. Looking at my own collection of art books I know while the big brick books seem like a great deal I never actually look at them. And I think it's important to keep the costs reasonable. So it will be roughly the same length.

So then the next steps are everything from collecting up enough images to doing some more shoots to fill out the corners to figuring out who to dedicate it to. I should probably give in and put in an artists bio of some kind (and put something simlar on the website). Oh, and I'll need a title!

Don't expect to see anything soon - I'm thinking a mid-May release would work out nicely - but I thought people might find this process interesting. Self publishing a book really isn't hard at all - there's a lot of little decisions, and of course you need some content (oh, that!) but perhaps this will encourage other people to give it a shot.


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