Alternative Process Printmaking

I've started to get inquiries as to if I'll make alt process prints of other people's work. The answer is a cautious "yes". I'm confident in my cyanotype and platinum prints on COT320 paper and am happy to print them for other folks. Some other techniques or papers you might see me mention on the website are more experimental and just because one print worked doesn't mean I'll always get the result I want. In addition, I'm not really set up to deal with negatives - just digital files.

Print Costs

11x14 paper (8x10 image)
Cyanotype (first image)
Cyanotype (later images)
Platinum/palladium (first image)
Platinum/palladium (later images)

Shipping Costs

11x14 paper (8x10 image)

If you're interested please contact me at and we can hash out any remaining details or questions.