The big "Buy the Whole Set" experiment.


So here's the deal. There's been some interest, so I'm trying this as an experiment. I've added "Buy the Whole Set" buttons to a few index pages. I've started the price really low with the idea that I can raise it later if it's too popular. If it's too unpopular I'll just remove it as an option. But you get the whole set in one of three sizes - 4x5, 8x10, or 11x14.

Q: What's the catch? Why are these so cheap?
A: Mostly because they're unsigned. This means 1. They're less collectable, 2. They're less work for me - I might not even have them shipped to me, with this I can drop ship them direct from the lab. It's also a good idea when selling art to not jerk around existing customers by lowering prices, and I'm starting low as a test and reserve the right to raise prices at any moment. In particular I think the price for 4x5s is way too low but it's something of a teaser price.

Q: I want to get them for this other set. Where's the order button?
A: I like to keep experiments limited but if you want another set just email me. contact (at)

Update: After some initial interest this hasn't really been very popular, but I'll let it run until December 1st, 2009. It may come back at some later date if I can redesign the HTML to be a bit more attractive.